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Mandala – wherever you’d like it

Arrive by helicopter, leave by camel, connect on foot; journeys of endless adventure.

Conceived for those who seek even more remote adventures in the vast expanse of Mongolia, Mandala Wilderness enables guests to have a private camp anywhere in Mongolia. Overlooking rippling dunes, perched in the high mountains, nestled by a river in a wooded valley or gazing across the rolling steppe.

Journeys including Mandala Wilderness can involve en-suite gers, stylish bell tents or decorative Kazakh yurts, transported by camel, yak or even boat. After an insightful night collecting camera traps along snow leopard routes, a weekend beside Eagle Hunters or an evening during a remote camel trek, Mandala Wilderness magically disappears, leaving no trace. As fleeting as a sand mandala…

Luxury Bell Tent Camp

Embrace the spirit of Roy Chapman Andrews, of Gobi desert fame, and other explorers of the 1920’s by adventuring in style with a mobile luxury bell tent camp.  Hot showers, a private chef and the very best guides can take you deep into the wilderness to where few have ever trodden.

Trek with camels in remote Zavkhan, a region of steppes, dunes and lakes; search for dinosaur fossils in the Gobi Desert, head for a multi-sport adventure in restricted access national parks where you may just nod off to sleep listening to the howl of wolves in the distance.

Exotic Kazakh Yurts

The far western province of Bayan Ulgii is home to Mongolian Kazakhs, famous for hunting with Golden Eagles.

Stay in traditional decorative yurts in the wild and rugged Altai mountains and learn how to hunt with a Golden Eagle.  Join spectacular festivals where many of the few remaining hunters come together to compete and show off their skills.  This is raw, untamed Mongolia – a true wild, wild west.