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This unique, magical journey is the perfect introduction to the wonders of the heartland of Mongolia.

An exceptional six-day experience that visits two Mandala Nomadic Gers, on the rolling steppe and in the dunes, connected by a spectacular trek with camels to a remote Mandala Wilderness camp. The perfect opportunity to get away from the pressures of modern life, discovering the nomadic culture of this amazing country.

Day 1

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and head out towards Mandala Nomadic Undurshireet. Perhaps take in a sight seeing tour of Ulaanbaatar or travel via Khustai Nuruu National Park, home to the rare Przwalski’s Horse.

Arrive at your private Mandala Nomadic camp to settle in, freshen up and relax in your ensuite ger. After dinner in your Magic Ger the rest of the evening is yours: use the telescope to gaze at the stars, play board games, or simply enjoy a drink from the well-stocked bar and relax after a busy day

Day 2

After breakfast meet with the nearby nomadic family and learn about their herding life on the steppe; join in their daily activities if you wish, helping with the milking and rounding up the animals whilst learning about their rich horse culture. After lunch head into the hills on horseback led by your local guide.

Round off your day on the steppe with a beautiful meal and then drinks around the campfire.

Day 3

Today you travel in the traditional manner of the nomads, virtually unchanged since the reign of Chinggis Khan; that is by camel train across the dunes. Start the day driving to meet your camels then walk with them across the sands and grassland of Elsen Tasarkhai .

Your luxurious Mandala Wilderness camp awaits you in the dunes. To get an idea of what to expect picture the camps of early 20th century explorers; you may be in the middle of nowhere but there is no need to miss out on a sundowner and lovely warm shower. After another fine dinner you can relax and soak up the silence of the wilderness.

Day 4

Continue your journey on toward Mandala Nomadic Bayangobi.

Feel free to hike with your camels or take the 4wd option as you travel on to your next Mandala Nomadic camp.

Enjoy lunch, relax for the afternoon reading, painting, playing games or seek out your nomadic hosts to find out about their lives in the very different environment.

Day 5

There are a couple of options open to you today:

Take a day trip to Kharkhorin in the Orkhon valley, the ancient capital of Mongolia, with its atmospheric Erdene Zuu monastery or spend the morning hiking up to Uvgun Khid tucked into the Khogno Khan mountain range. Enjoy your afternoon with a spot of traditional archery or even Mongolian wrestling

Day 6

Drive back to Ulaanbaatar to complete your journey. Activities and accommodation will be arranged to coincide with your onward flights.