PJ Mandala Mongolia
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Exclusive, private accommodation in the heart of the Mongolian wilderness

Let us lift you far from this life, the hustle of the city, the bustle of our digital age.
Let us carry you to another world… to a land unchanged over millennia.
Let us take you to the mountains, to the forests and the rivers, to the desert and the steppe.
Let us show you new horizons.
Let us give you space. And time. And balance.

As featured in Condé Naste Traveller May/June 2024

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The idea is a simple one; to create beautiful places to stay with items of meaning, handcrafted by the people of Mongolia. Nomadic at heart, make it so that Mandala can appear and disappear anywhere that we, or you, can conceive it; dream it into location. Ensure its impact upon the environment is positive, leaving no trace, only positive imprints on the guests who stay and the nomadic guardians who maintain it.


It is all in the balance. For you. For them. For the wider world. Mandala Mongolia was born from awe and admiration of the natural balance between nomads and nature. For millennia, Mongolian nomads have lived on the steppe in harmony with their surroundings. In recent decades climate and economic changes have challenged this age-old balance and many have been forced to give up their traditional way of living and move to the city. With your visit, we set out to redress this.